Thursday, April 11, 2013

Adas Emuno's Got Talent!

If you know anything about our congregation, you know that we have some very talented members, especially among our religious school students, but also within our adult population. While we are a small congregation, percentage-wise it's been said that we have we have a higher proportion of talented congregants that many other larger shuls.  Maybe it has something to do with Leonia's long history as a center for creative expression within Bergen County. Here is an excerpt from the Wikipedia entry on Leonia:

After traveling through Leonia after arriving in New Jersey by ferry at Edgewater in 1899, advertising executive Artemus Ward purchased a large piece of land and established the Leonia Heights Land Company to develop and market housing in the community, his advertising attracting many academics and artists who were attracted to Leonia's small size, culture, and location, earning the town's nickname of the "Athens of New Jersey". 
In 1915, the Leonia School of Illustration was established by Harvey Dunn, fostering the artists' colony that subsequently emerged over the next decade. By the 1930s, it had the highest number of residents, per capita, in Who's Who in America and 80% of its residents were college graduates. Transportation through the borough was enhanced with access to ferries and trolley systems and Leonia became a refuge for many of America's most creative thinkers which included five Nobel Prize winners.

Whatever the reasons may be for it, there is no question that Adas Emuno's Got Talent! And we've decided that it's high time we acknowledged the fact, and shared it with the world:

Our first ever (at least in recent memory) Talent Show promises to be an evening of great entertainment, and we have a delightful dinner option available to make it a real night out! It's a fundraiser for the Adas Emuno Religious School, so the proceeds go to a good cause (and you can pay in advance by check or PayPal over on the left side). In addition to the competition, there will be some special additional performances to make the night especially memorable. 

This event is open to the public, so come one, come all, you will not be disappointed!

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