Friday, April 18, 2014

Pesach Blues (An Orthodox Perspective)

As Reform Jews, we each make our individual decisions on how traditional we'll be in our approach to the Passover holiday. But here's a comedic peak into the Orthodox community's traditional spring cleaning and preparations that precede Pesach, told from a women's point of view (albeit by a man), with an entertaining bit of song and dance:

Here's what it says about The Pesach Blues from Oorah's Shmorg over on YouTube:

Put some HUMOR in your Pesach preparations! Watch "The Pesach Blues" from Oorah's Shmorg 5 DVD, and see Abie Rottenberg's work come to life with this hilarious video!
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Whether or not you go to such lengths prior to Passover, or you remember your parents doing so, we can certainly appreciate the hard work, dedication, and the strong sense of faith and tradition that this video reflects, as well as the typically Jewish way of expressing through good humor! And whatever your perspective, we hope you have been having a zissen Pesach!

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