Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Oil's Well That Ends Well

Hard to resist the Shakespearean pun when it comes to the matter of oil and the miracle of Hanukkah. That's the theme of this new music video by the Maccabeats, All About That Neis:

As you know, neis is the Hebrew word for miracle, and that's what the letter nun on the dreidel stands for, with gimel for gadol meaning great, hay for haya meaning happened, and shin for sham meaning there. Neis gadol haya sham means a great miracle happened there, but in Israel they say, a great miracle happened here, and instead of the shin, their dreidels have a pei for po, meaning here.

For more on the subject, let's consult the musical group, Six13, singing Chanukah (Shake It Off):

Let us celebrate the miracle of light, and life, tonight, and every night! Happy Hanukah!

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