Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Meet the New President of Adas Emuno

As part of an ongoing series, we'll be introducing you to the Officers and Trustees of Congregation Adas Emuno here on our blog, so that you can get to know a little more about our congregational leadership, and who we are as a Temple in the tradition of Reform Judaism.  And who better to begin with than our new President, Alan Spector.

Alan Spector, our new Adas Emuno President, was born and raised in New York City, in the Pelham Parkway section of the Bronx.  He graduated from the University of Maryland, earning a dual degree in Biology and Psychology with honors.   With his strong interest in science and people, he furthered his education by attending Tufts University’s School of Dental Medicine, gaining his DMD degree.   He came back to, of all places, the Bronx, for a general practice residency at Montefiore Hospital, located in his childhood hometown.  Alan states, “my life is a bit like the old sitcom…  Welcome Back Kotter,” as he had returned to practice Family and Cosmetic Dentistry on Doctor’s Row right down the street from Montefiore.  Alan is an active member of the Bronx County and First District Dental Societies.

Sheila, his wife, and Alan became Leonians in 1983, a few months after their first child was born, and sent their 3 children to the Anna C. Scott Elementary School in Leonia, where Alan, with his sense of involvement, became the “class mom” for each of his kids at various grade levels.  He was also the den leader for Ryan’s Cub Scout group.

The Spectors believe that instilling Jewish values in their children goes beyond the sanctuary.  They were fortunate enough to be able to send their children to Jewish-based sleepaway camps and teen tours, where Ryan, Kyley, and Jaimee met other youths from various locations throughout the country sharing the common bond of being Jewish.  All 3 of their young adults have been to Israel on the Birthright program, a free 10 day trip to Israel [see the previous post on this blog, Registration for Taglit-Birthright Israel Program].  Sheila and Alan are involved in hosting parlor meetings for Birthright Israel, where groups of about 20 parents of college-aged children gather to share their experiences of being the parents of returnees from this trip.  Of course, fundraising is also a part of this so that this program can continue, and the Spectors are proud to say that “it still does.”

 All 3 of Alan’s children became a Bar or Bat Mitzvah at Adas Emuno, each with different clergy presiding over their children’s service.  Alan feels that while we have been blessed with wonderful clergy throughout the years, Adas Emuno has continued to thrive due to the strength of our membership and congregational family.  Alan becomes internally upset when he hears that members of our Temple family (often after their child’s Bar or Bat Mitzvah) no longer wish to be a part of our congregation.  As newly-elected President, he wants this to be a thing of the past:  Once a member of a family, always a member!

Besides the cliché that “a family who prays together, stays together,” Alan would like to hear from any and all members of the congregation as to how your extended family socializes and continues to thrive, how we can all work together on behalf of Congregation Adas Emuno.

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