Friday, September 10, 2010

The Time of Year to Make Your Soul Bigger

The High Holy Days are the time of year when we dedicate ourselves to repentance, prayer, and charity in an effort to make our souls bigger!  Here's another music video on that topic, courtesy of our friends at the National Jewish Outreach Program, called Soul Bigger:

And here are the lyrics, which they've kindly provided over on YouTube:

Song Lyrics: 

It's Rosh Hashanah, Oh, So Happy New Year
Yeah...had some triflin' days for sure
Oh, gotta make my Soul Bigger, Not much time
Till Yom Kippur
(It's Rosh Hashanah)
Now I'm just tryin' to make my Soul Bigger (So happy new year)
And I ain't messin' it's no joke joke.
(It's Rosh Hashanah)
For 10 days I'll be a do-gooder (So happy new year)
And say I'm sorry to some folk folk ( I'm sorry) 
Repent boy go 'head Repent ( I'm sorry)
Repent boy go 'head Repent ( I'm sorry)
Repent boy go 'head Repent ( I'm sorry)
Repent boy go 'head
Called my Mom
At a beauty Salon
With a brand new Mahzor
Under her under arm
She said "Shana Tova"
I said "I meant you no harm...
When all my friends came over
And we totaled your car...I'm so so- rry mom
You forgive me?"
Yeah we forgive you! 
Yeah I forgive you!
18 yrs, 18yrs
She'd been livin kinda greedy yo for 18yrs
This babe was payin QVC for things she don't need
But the boy in the salon, yo he planted the seed 
Now, you'll see her at the synagogue, any given Saturday
Or lookin up a charity to try to give some cash away.
Goin to the doctor got lipo with her money
Now she's building houses for the po' with her money
Walking round lookin like Michael with her money
Now she's feedin all the homeless apples with some honey, honey,honey
If you ain't no punk holla Rosh Hashana...Rosh Hashana..Yeah..
(She gives her money)
Now she longer is a gold digger (to those in need)
Cause she be givin back to folk folk
(She gives her money) 
Now she's just tryin to make her soul bigger (to those in need)
And she don't care if she go broke broke (Charity)
Bestow girl go 'head Bestow (Charity)
Bestow girl go 'head Bestow (Charity)
Bestow girl go 'head Bestow (Charity)
Bestow girl go 'head
He wanted to make his soul bigger just like me
And he wanted to give back to his community
So he rounded up his homeboys and jumped in his ride
Drove up to the synagogue ... "yo come inside"
Ooooooh, It's Rosh Hashanah
So happy new year
It's Rosh Hashanah 
So happy new year
Happy New Year, Happy New Year, Happy New Year, Happy New Year!
It's Rosh Hashanah 
Oh, What a New Year
Hope I made the book of life for sure
Yeah, made my soul bigger
Only 8 more hours, only 8 more hours...
Till Yom Kippur!
"Gosh, I can't believe I get to do this every year...neat!"
Happy New Year!

And here are some credits:

Written and Directed by Brian Golub and Mike Kirsch of Unique New York Entertainment
Choreographed by Mike Kirsch
Filmed and Edited by Sathya Vijayendran of Grand Illusion Films
Music Recorded and Edited by JP Rende for four40 Entertainment
Lead Vocals by Brian Golub. Additional Vocals by Noel Molinelli & Mike Kirsch
Special Thanks To:
Renee S. Erreich
Daniel Glass
Denise Rich Songs
Leyla Kuday
Congregation Orach Chaim
The Acropolis-Astoria
Dov Salon
Seymour PR

And here's more from the NJOP:

Jewish Treats and @JewishTweets want to know if you're ready to make your "Soul Bigger" for the High Holidays?
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A Project of the National Jewish Outreach Program (NJOP)

And here is their discussion of the topic:
Learn more about the 3 T's of the High Holidays, Teshuva (Repentance), Tefilah (Prayer) and Tzedaka (Charity), with this post taken from our blog:
The 3 Ts
On Rosh Hashanah we declare: "But repentance, prayer and charity remove the evil of the decree!" In Hebrew, these constitute the 3 Ts: Teshuva, Tefilah and Tzedaka.
Teshuva (repentance) a central theme of the High Holidays, means more than just saying "sorry." Teshuva, means recognizing one's errors and making an effort not to repeat them. In many ways, teshuva is a private act because one must be introspective to recognize one's own mistakes.
Tefilah (prayer) is the acknowledgment of God as the King and Ruler of the universe. Tefilah is almost private, but not quite. It is a conversation between the person and God.
Tzedaka (charity) is a critical step necessary to reverse an evil decree simply because it constitutes an action. The performance of this mitzvah affects the person giving, the person receiving, and its benefits often extend to others as well. Tzedaka is reaching out beyond one's self, and is thus a public act.
Everything that a person does affects the world in multiple ways. It affects the person's relationship with him/herself, their relationship with the Divine and their relationship with their fellow human beings. The path to reversing the evil of the decree must therefore involve the private, the spiritual and the public spheres of our lives.

As Reform Jews, we welcome the New Year with a call for renewal, self-improvement, and the repair and healing of the world.  Shana Tova!

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