Monday, October 4, 2010

An Appeal for the Children

Yom Kippur Children's Service Appeal

from Michael Raskin, Trustee
Congregation Adas Emuno
Leonia, New Jersey
Yom Kippur
September 18, 2010

The Board asked me to do something that's never been done before, which is present the appeal during the children's service.  When I reminded the Cantor of this Thursday night, she said, "oh, that's a great idea, but I didn't know you were doing this. "  Then she said "dude, you have 60 seconds! After that, you'll lose your audience." Well, the speech I had prepared for the adult service is more than 60 seconds;  I hadn't prepared two speeches, so I had to quickly come up with something.

Well, what can you say in 60 seconds about a topic of such great importance without coming off as crass and lame?  Well, not much.  The Cantor said, "hey write a song!  Kids like songs!"  Well, I don't write songs, and if I did I wouldn't be singing it to you. So, instead I came up with a rhyme.  Here goes. Hope it's not too crass or lame.

Don't be a schnoorer, 
don't be a schlemiel; 
C'mon parents 
support the appeal!

On Rosh Hashanah 
we give apples and honey; 
today it's Yom Kippur, 
and we really need money.

We promise you 
we won't waste a cent! 
Give what you can; 
It WILL make a dent!

Explain to your kids, 
this is necessary to do;  
and if they ask why? 
Well, it's like the Cantor says:
"Because you're a Jew!" 

This is the deal; 
Please support the appeal.

Kids, when you get home, ask your parents what the man with the thing on his leg was talking about. Parents, explain it to your kids. You brought them here today so that they learn something. You want to instill Jewish values, and that's great.  But attending services is only part of it.  The appeal is just as important.  One is incomplete without the other. 

 If you're still listening, I thank you for doing so.

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