Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What To Do With All That Left Over Matzoh

There always seems to be quite a bit of matzoh left over at the end of Passover, and maybe not so much inclination to continue eating that "bread of affliction" after a week of being weighted down by the great unleavened.  And so, the question is posed, what to do with all that left over matzoh?

By way of an answer, here's an amusing and creative music video called, "20 Things To Do With Matzah" that might help you out:

Over on http://jewishrobot.com/work/matzahsong, it says the following:

Title: 20 Things To Do With Matzah (2008)
Client: Streit's MatzosMusic: "20 Things To Do With Matzah" written and composed by William Levin, lyrics by William Levin and Michelle Citrin, performed by Michelle Citrin and William Levin
Video: Directed by William Levin and Michelle Citrin, camerawork byJesse Epstein, edited by Simon Weaver, starring Michelle Citrin and William Levin, tee-shirts provided by PopJudaica

Passover music video sponsored by Streit's Matzos. The video was featured on Yahoo! Video in the Butterfinger Comedy Network and the Yahoo! front page where it received over 100,000 views in the first 48 hours.
The video has now received over 1 MILLION views on YouTube for Passover 2009.
Mentioned on the Time website, April 9, 2009: So You Think You Know Matzo?New York Times Arts Beat, March 3, 2010: Road to Broadway Is Paved With ‘Matzah’
View the website: MATZAHSONG.COM

And, if you have some more ideas of what to do with your matzoh, let us know!

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