Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Purim Glee

Were you with us this past Purim for out annual Purim Spiel?  If so, you got to see A Very Glee Megillah, written by Norman Roth and performed by the Adas Emuno Amatuer Ensemble.

The performance (and Purim service) was held on the evening of March 7, 2012, which corresponds to Adar 13, 5772 (actually the eve of Adar 14).

So, in case you missed it and want to see what you missed, or in case you saw it and want to enjoy the experience again (and again and again), or perhaps, in case you were in it and want to see how you did and what it looked like from the audience's point of view, here goes:

You can also view this video directly on YouTube, under the title of A Very Glee Megillah Purim Spiel at Adas Emuno 2012 (and while you're there, give us a like if you don't mind, leave us a comment if you are so inclined, and feel free to add us to your playlist or share the video via email or social media).  And while you're at, come visit our YouTube channel, Adas Emuno Sights and Sounds, and subscribe if you care to.

I think you can see that, if nothing else, we excel in enthusiasm, and spirit, and fun!  And we are not without our hidden talents (and don't say they're very hidden indeed, you'll hurt our feelings).  And at nearly an hour in length, this Purim Spiel is indeed, quite the Megillah!

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