Saturday, December 22, 2012

Religious Freedom in America

The topic of religious freedom vs. theocracy has come up repeatedly in our Saturday morning Torah study sessions led by Rabbi Schwartz at Congregation Adas Emuno, and also in our rabbi's Friday evening Shabbat sermons. And as an American congregation, affiliated with the Reform Judaism movement in the United States, the subject of religion and religious freedom in America is very close to our heart.

It comes as no surprise, then, that the recent PBS documentary, First Freedom: The Fight for Religious Freedom, is of great interest for us.  First aired just a few days ago on December 18th, the documentary relates the "story of how the most basic of human freedoms - freedom of conscience - was codified for the first time in human history as an inalienable human right protected by law."  It can be viewed on the PBS website through this link.  Or you can watch it right here on our congregational blog:

Our thanks to congregant Ludwik Kowalaski, a regular participant at Torah study and a contributor to this blog (see our previous post, Thoughts on Torah Study), for letting us know about this program.

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