Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A New Sign

As you may recall, we lost our temple's sign to Hurricane Sandy (see our previous post, Sign of the Times), and to be honest, it had long been recognized that our our signage was inadequate, and antiquated.

We are therefore pleased to share with you the fact that our sign has finally been replaced. We are very pleased with our new sign, and we hope that you are too!

This sign should be much more easily visible from the street than our old one, as well as being more pleasing to the eye. And note that, unlike our old sign, this one features our new logo, as well as our street address!

 But even this bigger, brighter sign is still not so easy to read as folks drive by, so along with the replacement sign, we added something new:



Now, there really shouldn't be any trouble recognizing us from the road!

Special thanks go out to Lauren Rowland and Amy Chartoff for arranging for our new signage, and to Michael Fishbein, chair of our Buildings and Grounds Committee. This has certainly been a day for religious renewal, and new signs of the times!



  1. So I think this is a sign of even better things to come from our Congregation and for the Reform Jewish community in our area.