Thursday, May 22, 2014

A Tribute to Our Teens

from the pages of Kadima, the newsletter of Congregation Adas Emuno:

From the desk of …                    
 Rabbi Barry Schwartz

A Tribute to Our Teens

I know teens can be tough. I raised three of them myself. Adolescents can be adversarial. They can be insolent, insubordinate, and impudent (among other adjectives I can think of—all good SAT words).

But you’ve got to love ‘em as well. You can see them maturing (slowly) before your eyes. You can see the glimmer (occasionally) of thoughtful, caring human beings. You can’t help but appreciate their energy (when they are not sleeping late) and their passion (when they are not distracted). It’s even possible to have a good conversation with them (when they are not on their cell phones).

In all seriousness I want to pay tribute to our teens, because they enrich the life of our congregation in ways you may not appreciate.

Members of our Confirmation Class make a three year commitment past bar/bat mitzvah, and study with me on a bi-weekly basis. Our madrichim (Religious School teaching assistants) provide invaluable support to our teaching staff. They are quite popular with our students and serve as great role models. Our talented readers and singers enhance our celebration of the High Holidays and Purim. Behind the scenes teens help with the maintenance of our house and grounds (and there sure was a lot of snow to shovel this year).

I’m going to name names in the list of activities below, all accomplished by our teens in the past year. It’s quite a list. Let’s just say it’s a collective thank-you to all our fine young people. We add special thanks to our graduating seniors as they move on to college
we will miss you.

Confirmation Class:

Rianna Rosenberg, Ethan Irby, Gabi Capote, Max Samoilovich, Oliver Raciatti, Julian Pecht, Drew Noorily, Steven Chartoff, Sasha Terentiev, Tate Irby, Ava Fisher, Skylar Oliver


Religious School Teaching Assistants:

Louis Fischer, Natalie Hayot, Sandy Pecht, Rianna Rosenberg, Steven Chartoff, Julian Pecht, Oliver Raciatti


High Holiday Torah and Haftarah Readers:

Rianna Rosenberg, Natalie Hayot, Sandy Pecht, Julian Pecht, Oliver Raciatti, Alex Bien, Emma Schuller.


Shofar (and video operation)

Elliot Fisher


Purim Spiel:
Skylar Oliver, Steven Chartoff, Ulla Goldstein


Snow Removal:

David Johannesson, Max Capote.



Michael Cohen

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