Tuesday, May 20, 2014


From the pages of Kadima, the newsletter of Congregation Adas Emuno:

A Message From Our President

Dr. Lance Strate


It's been some winter, hasn't it? But finally, finally, finally, it's come to an end, it's getting warmer and warmer out, all that white has finally disappeared and the green has taken over, and we recently celebrated our spring holiday, Passover, the festival of our liberation and freedom.

Soon enough we'll be enjoying the summer heat, or complaining about the humidity. But for this brief moment, I ask that you think about this season of rebirth and renewal.

It is a time to think about our renewal as a congregation and nonprofit organization. Every June we hold our Annual Congregational Meeting, as mandated by our By-Laws (newly revised, as approved at our special congregational meeting last month). Please note that the date of the meeting has changed, and it will be held a week later than previously scheduled, on June 26th at 7 PM.

At our annual meeting, we will be electing the congregation's officers, all of whom serve two-year terms, and trustees, each of whom serve a three-year term. Your vote sends an important message of support to our congregational leadership. Even better, if you are interested in serving, we really could use your help, so please contact Virginia Gitter, who is chairing the Nominations Committee.

At our annual meeting, we will also continue the discussion began at our March special congregational meeting on the status and privileges of non-Jewish members of the congregation. Come and let your voice be heard on this important subject, and listen to what others have to say.

Renewal also applies to our religious school. It's time for parents to renew their children's enrollment for the next school year. Please help us to prepare properly for the coming year, in which renewal also means some significant changes.

As we look forward to the arrival of our new Religious School Director, Sandy Horowitz, who will also be serving as our congregation's new, newly ordained Cantor, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Annice Benamy for her two years of service as Director, as well as to express our appreciation for Nancy Beller-Krieger for serving as our Cantorial Soloist this year, and Cantor Estelle Epstein for her work as our B'nai Mitzvah tutor.

Renewal also means renewing your membership. Remember that we need your financial support to survive. The end of June marks the end of our congregation's fiscal year, and renewal also means a renewal of your dedication to maintaining Adas Emuno's financial health. And also remember that we will turn no one away due to financial exigencies.

Renewal applies not only to your own membership, to the membership of Adas Emuno as a whole. We need your help to bring in new members, so that our congregation can continue to survive, and thrive. Help us to promote Adas Emuno, and get the word out about all that we have to offer as an intimate and inspirational Reform Jewish temple.

This is a season of renewal. It is a time of renewal for our congregation and our religious school. And it is a time for each and every one of us to renew our support and commitment to Adas Emuno.

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