Sunday, August 16, 2015

A Summer Puim Spiel

We may not celebrate Purim during the summertime, but in these dog days of August, why not take a look back on the Purim spiel we put on this past March? It may not cool you off from the summer heat, but you still might find it pretty cool, nevertheless!

The Schnook of Esther (A Purim Spiel) Adas Emuno March 1, 2015, can be viewed on our very own Adas Emuno YouTube Channel, but we'll also make it easy on you and include it right here in this very blog post!

As you may recall, this year's spiel was performed twice, the first time on the morning of March 1st, for our Religious School as well as any congregants who wanted to attend, and with the addition of our Adas Emuno Religious School Choir joining in on a couple of songs.

This particular Purim Spiel, The Schnook of Esther, is an original work, and any other congregations or Jewish groups out there who are interested in using it for their next Purim celebration, you can contact us via email: <adasemuno at>.

And yes, this is just raw footage, not a professional video production, and yes, the players are not ready for prime time, by any means, but I think you'll agree that we know how to have fun here in our little shul on the hill in Leonia, Bergen County, New Jersey.

 And we'll post footage from our second performance later on, so keep an eye out, and a grogger handy!

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