Thursday, November 9, 2017

Staying In Touch

from the pages of Kadima, the newsletter of Congregation Adas Emuno:

From the desk of …                    
 Rabbi Barry Schwartz


I am a busy person, but I want to stay in touch with what is happening in my congregation and in the Jewish world. Just give me the most useful links, and I’ll mark them as favorites.

You asked… so here they are:

1. This Week at Adas Emuno—the rabbi’s weekly email; read before deleting!

2. AdasEmuno.orgour congregation’s website, with a calendar of events.

3. AdasEmunoblogspot.comsermons, photos, blogs all well kept by our president.

4. JewishStandard.TimesofIsrael.comdigital digest of our local Jewish newspaper.

5. JewishWeek.TimesofIsrael.comdigital digest of NY Jewish news and events.

6. TabletMag.comdaily roundup of trending Jewish issues and culture.

7. MosaicMagazine.comdaily collection of deeper Jewish culture issues.

Of course, you may also want to delve more actively into social media, such as our Facebook page… but checking in with these seven sites will at least give you the right to call yourself Jewishly informed and connected!

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