Thursday, March 11, 2010

Shalom Chaverim

Shalom Chaverim!  Greeting friends, and welcome to our new congregational blog.

Our goal here is to provide an additional means of communication with our membership, and more importantly, another way in which our members can communicate with one another, and share their thoughts, feelings, knowledge, and experiences.

Congregation Adas Emuno is a 21st century religious and spiritual community, carrying forward the reform movement in Judaism that began in the 19th century, and keeping faith with an evolving tradition that began some four thousand years ago.

Beyond our own congregation, through this blog we hope to reach out to the larger Jewish community, and to our local community here in northern New Jersey, and to all individuals of good will, no matter what their background or beliefs.

We are here to serve our community, to serve all of our communities, in the pursuit of tikkun olam, the healing of the world.

And so, we begin with a wish for shalom, shalom aleichem, shalom chaverim, shalom to you.

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  1. This blog is terrific - I am awe struck by the professional presentation as well as the content and tone. Congratulations on the use of contemporary social technology to share aspects of your Jewish community. I doff my hat to your blog 'meister'. Keep up the great work.