Sunday, November 14, 2010

Evening - Day one

Our evening began at the Instituto Maria Bambina with an opening reception. Here is a view of St. Peter's Cathedral from the roof of the Institute.

Many of my colleagues were interviewed on the rooftop for a documentary film, To God's Ears, which is being created during this trip. My interview will happen tomorrow.

After the opening reception, a number of us walked over to Via Germanico to have dinner at Dal Toscano, a restaurant suggested by my friends, Lani and Paul at Context Travel. The restaurant wasn't open yet when we arrived, so we sat down at a streetside cafe to have a glass of wine. Lo and behold, the 3 young men sitting at the table next to us were seminarians who are having lunch with us tomorrow as part of our trip.

After our apertivo, we went to Dal Toscano and had a fabulous dinner. Here are my friends, Jonathan and Sharyn Grant, and me and Tracey Sher enjoying our dinner.

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