Sunday, November 14, 2010

Made it!

Earlier today: I’m on the plane, approaching Rome now. I managed to get about an hour’s worth of sleep in on the way here. I was lucky to meet up with my colleague, Susan Caro, and her husband, John Lertzman, who are both joining the trip. Susan is the President of the American Conference of Cantors and will be singing in the concert as well. John is along for the ride! If all goes well are planning to meet two other cantors at the airport in Rome and then travel together to the hotel. We don’t have anything scheduled until this afternoon, so I’m planning on hoofing around with my friend, Tracey Scher, until then.

I arrive, took a shuttle to the Michelangelo Hotel, washed up & headed out. I've seen a bunch of other cantors who have arrived for the trip. We walked past St. Peter's Square and had some pizza.

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