Friday, September 6, 2013

Social Action September

From the pages of Kadima, the newsletter of Congregation Adas Emuno:

A Report from Annette DeMarco
Social Action Committee Chairperson

Thank you to those who have been donating food throughout the summer. Approximately ten bags were brought to the Center for Food Action. Special thanks to Cheryl and Richard Alicchio for helping to pack up and deliver the items. An email was sent to you recently regarding ways we can assist people in Bergen County who are still suffering from Hurricane Sandy. For anyone who responded, please share your experience in an email to me.

The collection of eye glasses, in conjunction with the Lions of Leonia, will continue throughout September. Please bring unused glasses in a labeled bag to the back of the sanctuary and place either on the table or in the small room. 

Another ongoing collection is that of tabs off of soda cans, which will be given to a Ronald McDonald House and sold for their metal content, with monies used to provide families with services. Please place in the glass vase on the table outside of the sanctuary. 

As the cooler months approach, please think about winter coats to be donated. Info regarding this will be forthcoming. We are also looking into donating winter clothing for adults and children. If anyone knows of places or individual families needing these items, please let me know. 

When bags are given out on Rosh Hashanah to be filled with food for the Center for Food Action, there will be a "wish list" attached to each, naming the products most needed. Though these are the products most sought after, we all know that food is food when someone is hungry, so let's just fill those bags! 

As the old year ends, I want to thank my wonderful committee for working with me as I "learned". The Social Action Committee is grateful to everyone who has supported our projects. Tikkun Olam, saving the world, is ongoing, so we will continue to make requests of you.

Wishing you and yours a happy and healthy new year, filled with lots of laughter!

Annette DeMarco

Social Action Committee Chairperson

acheryl21 at

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