Thursday, March 13, 2014

A Foxy Purim Song

If you keep up with the popular videos online, you probably have watched, What Does the Fox Say by Ylvis at some point over the past year. If you have never heard of it, don't worry about it, you can still enjoy this parody of the song, What Does Purim Say?, featuring an utterly charming group of kids:


And here are the write-up and lyrics:

HAPPY PURIM!!! "What Does Purim Say?" (Lyrics below)
Rosenblum Shaloch-E-Manos Purim 2014 / פורים תשע׳ד 
MP3 (Song Only) version available HERE
Parody of What Does The Fox Say by Ylvis 
Achashverosh says "COME", Vashti Says "NO"
His advisors said, "Shes got to go"
They searched the land, far and wide
To find the king, a brand new bride
Esther from the house, of mordechai, is the queen of Shushan now
But there's something, that no one knows.....
Haman said, "You must bow!", Mordechai said "No way, no how"
With the royal ring, Hamman decreed, Build a gallows 50 high!
On the 13th, of Adar, in every city and every town
Hamman had plans, to wipe us out, but hashem turned things around....
Esters secret was now found....
The secret of Purim, was Esther's history
The king changed his decree, Haman was hanging!
Wherever the Jews were found, to battle they did go
To defend themselves from Haman's...... Wicked decree!
Hashem's our guard and savior!!!!, Purim celebrates turnarounds!
Forever in Adar, we celebrate, the great escape, from wicked Haman!

So thank you for a foxy Purim, and chag sameach!

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