Saturday, September 15, 2012

Here We Logo!

Dear Friends,

On behalf of the Board of Trustees, I am pleased to introduce to you the new logo we have developed for Congregation Adas Emuno.  A letterhead version has already been distributed to members of the congregation, and here it is in banner format, for use online:

Why do we need a new logo?  Everyone who has a chance to experience Adas Emuno immediately gets a sense of our warm, intimate, hamish congregation.  But over and over again we hear people tell us how they didn't even that there was a Reform temple in Leonia, let alone have any sense of what we're like.  We need a way to catch people's eye, and communicate something about our unique identity.  This new logo is one of several steps we'll be taking towards solving this problem.

What happened to our old logo?  Actually, there isn't an old Adas Emuno logo that this new one is replacing.  In the past, we've used generic clip art, such as a very traditional, old-fashioned image of a menorah, and that made us look just like every other synagogue.  As a small shul, we need to present a distinctive image, to stand out from the pack.  We also want to project a more youthful and dynamic image, as a congregation for the 21st century.

What does the new logo symbolize?  The Magen David or Star of David (literally, Shield of David) is the longstanding symbol of Judaism, and it is important to provide a clear signal of our Jewish identity.  The six points of the star are formed through the image of six figures holding hands, to signify our emphasis on community (Adas Emuno literally meaning assembly of the faithful), that we are a congregation where every individual matters, where every individual can play an important role, can make a difference, where people come first.  The inspiration for this comes from our tradition of joining hands for the Misheberach prayer for healing, and is meant to convey the strength of our community, while the different colors represent our diversity and openness, as well as the joyful nature of our gatherings.

Will the new logo be used for our Religious School too?  It certainly will, and one of the appealing things about the design is that it is child-friendly, and helps to convey the value and importance we place on our children, and their religious education.  The success of our religious school is one of the most important indicators of our congregation's overall health.

How will the new logo be used?  For starters, we will be using the logo for our letterhead and flyers, as you can see here, variations will appear online on our website, blog, and social media profiles, and in the modest amount of advertising and promotion that we engage in. 

Who designed our new logo?  The logo was designed by Board of Trustee member Lauren Rowland, a gifted graphic artist, and I hope you will join with me in thanking her for making her talents available to our congregation for this important task.


Lance Strate, President

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