Monday, July 7, 2014

Gabi Capote's Confirmation Speech

On June 6th, Congregation Adas Emuno celebrated the Festival on Shavuot with a Confirmation ceremony featuring this year's confirmands, Gabi Capote, Ethan Irby, and Rianna Rosenberg, who read from the Ten Commandments and the Book of Ruth, along with the other members of our religious school's confirmation class.

Gabi Capote was kind enough to share her confirmation speech with us, and we are pleased in turn to share it with you here on our congregational blog:


I can’t believe we finally completing our Hebrew school career. I remember kindergarten class with Rianna and Ethan like it was just last Sunday. We have learned so much throughout our years in Hebrew school, from the Hebrew alphabet, all the way up to learning the right thing to do in a situation. I am proud of all the hard work that my classmates and I have completed.
One major accomplishment that we have all made was our Bar and Bat Mitzvahs. Each of us was able to become a son or daughter of God in our own special way. We were not forced to do it, or at least I know I wasn’t, but we chose to make the commitment and exceed our expectations as a Hebrew school student.
Each year we were able to learn more, think more, and sing more. As our singing of the Hebrew prayers progressed, we were able to help the younger kids learn them as well, which is all a part of being a Jew; helping others, and helping the community.
Being a Jew is not only about helping others when people are looking, but also helping when no one else is around. I can safely say that growing up in this Jewish community, all of us, my classmates and I, have learned that factor of life, and much more.
Eager to learn more, after becoming a Bar or Bat Mitzvah, my classmates and I all chose to take confirmation class. Each year was a little different, from when we talked about different topics, and spoke our mind, to debating about juicy events. Each class was a new experience that we will cherish in our memories.
We all make up part of that class, and we are each a piece of the whole. Although our formal education in Judaism is complete, it does not mean that the religious part of our lives is over. There is always more to learn, and the spiritual part will always be present in us as we grow.
Thank you to all of our teachers throughout the years and the best of luck to all my classmates as we move on to encounter our journey as young Jewish citizens.

And with that, we offer our congratulations, once again, to Gabi, Ethan, and Rianna, on their confirmation last month!

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  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Gabi. In reading your speech I was thinking about our own daughter's Bat Mitzvah and Confirmation, many years ago. She now has her own daughter and probably already plans for her education. That is what we call continuity of Jewish life. Congratulations to you.

    Ludwik Kowalski