Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Rabbi’s Top 10 Jewish Foods

As we mentioned in a previous post, The Rabbi’s Top Ten: The Best of Everything Jewish, Rabbi Schwartz has been recruited to write a weekly online column (aka blog) for the Times of Israel. Here now is his first top ten list, The Rabbi’s Top 10 Jewish Foods, originally published on their website on April 17th. You can click on the title to read it over there, or continue on to read it here:

Since food is especially on our minds during this week of Pesach, and matzah ranks #2 on my list, I thought this would be a good (and tasty) way to kick off my weekly list.

1. Challah—Synonymous with the Jewish Sabbath, and round ones with raisins for the New Year are extra-special.

2. MatzahEating this rather than regular bread dramatizes the Exodus experience.

3. BagelNow one of our culinary gifts to America and the world.

4. LatkaThe true miracle of Hanukah when made well.

5. HumentashenAs much a part of Purim as the megillah.

6. FelafelIsrael’s culinary gift to the world.

7. Chicken SoupJewish home remedy and all-purpose starter.

8. KugelDurability and varieties make it an enduring staple.

9. KnishEven sold in some stadiums, evokes Old Country legacy.

10. Gefilta fishNobody’s favorite, but remarkable generational staying power.

Feel free to leave a comment if you disagree, or agree, with this list, or if you otherwise have anything you would want to add, or subtract, from it, or would change the order in any way.

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  1. Chicken soup ranks higher for me. For those of us who haven't spent time in Israel, felafel may be off the top ten. Some nice chopped liver? A sour pickle? Tzimmes? I comment as Anonymous because I don't have a URL! LInda Kowalski